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Top 6 Essential WordPress Plugins for Solopreneurs

Top 6 Essential WordPress Plugins for Solopreneurs
Top 6 Essential WordPress Plugins for Solopreneurs

1. Tawk.to

Offering live chat as a solopreneur isn’t easy. Yet with the Tawk.to pluginyou can get it done. Tawk.to is a free messaging app that lets you chat with your website visitors.
Each page you designate on your website will get a handy chat window in the bottom right corner that you can fully customize to your needs. Once your visitor clicks on the chat window, they are prompted to enter their name and email to start chatting.

2. Sumo

Sumo is like the swiss army knife of marketing. It is the ideal choice for a one-person marketing operation with little to no technical skills.
Downloading Sumo for your WordPress site gives access to a huge suite of tools that give your website a professional touch, helping you get more conversions.

3. MailChimp for WordPress

For solopreneurs, automation is everything. Any task you can get off your plate lets you focus even more time on acquiring and supporting your customers. MailChimp gives you that added automation your business needs through interactive email chains. When a customer signs up to your newsletter or requests a quote, you can set MailChimp to automatically email them with a welcome message or prompt them with a message requesting more information for that quote. This process gives the illusion of a personal touch and can move your potential customer along the sales process without you ever lifting a finger.
The MailChimp for WordPress plugin connects your WordPress website with your MailChimp account giving you the flexibility to add mobile responsive signup and opt-in methods to your website manipulating any code.

4. Beaver Builder

Solopreneurs wear many hats, and too often one of those hats isn’t programmer or website designer. Luckily, for those of us who weren’t blessed with extensive development knowledge, Beaver Builder can be our champion.

5. Broken Link Checker

Arguably not the coolest or sexiest of the six plugins here, but no less important. As a solopreneur you likely don’t have the time or resources to apply a relentless attention to detail when it comes to your business and website. Unless you’re outsourcing website maintenance, you likely have a few grammar issues (for that we recommend Grammarly) and a handful of broken links with it. This is where Broken Link Checker becomes your savior.


IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” and allows you to create powerful triggers and actions that will automate certain workflows from your WordPress site. The IFTTT Bridge for WordPress plugin allows you to display any processed data from your IFTTT automation directly on your WordPress site. Or alternatively, you can connect your WordPress site with your IFTTT account and create automation with hundred of applets.
As a solopreneur, IFTTT takes typically routine and mundane tasks off your plate and assigns them triggers which prompt a workflow with an end result you desire. Here are just a handful of applets you could use to free up time and make your site more powerful:

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