How to Redirect Custom 404 Page to Home Page in Blogger - Redirect broken links to home page in blogspot

How to redirect Blogger 404 Error (Page Not Found) to homepage

Go to Settings > Search preferences > Custom Page Not Found (under Errors and redirections).

Click Edit and paste this: view sourceprint? Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist. ...

Click Save changes.

Step-1: First of all login to your blogger website dashboard by using your login credentials. Step-2: Go to Settings.

In Tools > Redirection > Add new redirection · In the Source URL box, type or paste the broken/old/altered URL · In the Target URL box, type or ...

How to Redirect Custom 404 Page to Home Page in Blogger
How to Redirect Custom 404 Page to Home Page in Blogger - Redirect broken links to home page in blogspot

Redirect broken links to home page in blogspot

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Opps The Page You Are Looking For Not Found,Error 404.You Should have seen this page while browsing.What do you do when you this type of messege.I am sure you will quit the page instead going to homepage and searching your desired content mannually.The same case is when your visitors see 404 error page in your blog.To prevent losing your visitors and providing a good user experience you should redirect your 404 error to page to your homepage.Dont worry you can follow the following steps to redirect your error pages to homepage.But before doing that you should know what are 404 error page,how they occure and how to deal with them.

What Is 404 Error-Why It Occures?

This error occures when someones tries to reach the a url which is actually not preasent on your blog or may be broken.Bassically 404 error occoures when a url is broked or dead.404 error is common and almost found on all webpages on internet.

In your webmaster tools crawl section you can see all the 404 error page.They bots have crawled these links but now they don exist.The reason is that you might have deleted that post or page or moved them to a new adress.

404 error pages has not bad affect on seo of a blog the only thing they harm is users expereince of your blog.By default blogger displays a 404 error page but that is not worth seeing so you can either customise you 404 error page by providing a back to homepage button or a search box instead or you can redirect your error pages to homepage.

Common Causes Of 404 Error

When someone tries to reach a url of your blog which acctually does not exist.For example if you dont have page at and someone look for it he will see a 404 error-not found.

Ther other common causes of 404 error is renaminf post or page url.Whenever you change your post or page url your content is moved to new url and the old url is deleted from your blog but the old url is not deleted from search engion database and social media or other sites,so when someone follow that link they see a error page.

The same case is when you delete your blog post.

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Copy this code like it told in the video. that's all cheers 

Sorry for the inconvenience, the page you are looking for has no existence.<script type = "text/javascript">
//Blogger 404 Redirect Powered by MyBloggerLab
BSPNF_redirect = setTimeout(function() {
location.pathname= "/"
}, 1000);

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